The Te Mata Mushroom Company a�� Mushroom Growers and Compost Suppliers

Here at The Te Mata Mushroom Company we pride ourselves on growing and selling theA�highest quality, best tasting mushrooms we can. 1000_TWW_7773
We use traditional Douglas Fir growingA�trays and a secret compost recipe so natural that our mushrooms think theya��re
growing in a real forest.

Proudly Hawkea��s Bay based, you can find us at the Hawkea��s Bay Farmers Market every Sunday,or pop by our farm store in Brookvale Road, Havelock North.

Wea��re openA�7 days a week and growA�mushrooms every day of the year so whatever your mushroom requirements, wea��re here to help. And dona��t forget, we have great compost! Buy it by the bag or the trailer a�� just ask at the shop.


Our main varieties include:

White Buttons: A popular choice. White, tightly closedA�with a mild flavour.

Cheap cheap detrol White Cups: A slightly more mature mushroom with a full bodied flavour.

White Flats: purchase ginseng A fully mature white mushroom with a rich flavour.

Portabellos: A perfect choice when a stronger flavour is required.

Vitamin D Mushrooms average cost of celebrex :A�Our portabello or button mushrooms with Vitamin D to make them extra healthy!

We also sell Mushroom Buckets a�� a bucket full of compost and mushroom spawn so you can grow-your-own mushrooms at home.

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