The Te Mata Mushroom Company

We’ve been around for a while. Since 1967 in fact. The second generation of the Speeden and Hawley families who founded us way back then are still championing the production and management of our mushrooms. They’ve been joined by another local family – the Whittakers – and we’re still dedicated to producing the best possible mushrooms we can.

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We grow our mushrooms in traditional Douglas Fir trays with a special compost mix created by our composting guru, Chris. But traditional doesn’t mean small scale. We’re the second biggest mushroom grower in New Zealand, all from our original premises in Havelock North, growing over 20 tonnes of mushrooms every week. That’s over 1,000 tonnes a year, and as you know mushrooms don’t weigh a lot so there’s a heck of a lot of them. They’re Martin’s babies, he’s our head mushroom grower. Oh yeah, and he’s helped by over 100 staff, some of which have worked with us for over 20 years.

We have a large base of customers here in the North Island from supermarkets to fruit shops, restaurants and food processors. I’m sure you’ve seen our mushrooms around and we hope you enjoy them.

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