The Te Mata Mushroom Company cheap indinavir synthesis

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Wea��ve been around for a while. Since 1967 in fact. The second generation of the Speeden and Hawley families who founded us way back then are still championing the production and management of our mushrooms. Theya��ve been joined by another local family a�� the Whittakers a�� and wea��re still dedicated to producing the best possible mushrooms we can. Cheap truck2a


We grow our mushrooms in traditional Douglas Fir trays with a special compost mix created by our composting guru, Chris. But traditional doesna��t mean small scale. Wea��re the second biggest mushroom grower in New Zealand, all from our original premises in Havelock North, growing over 20 tonnes of mushrooms every week. Thata��s over 1,000 tonnes a year, and as you know mushrooms dona��t weigh a lot so therea��s a heck of a lot of them. Theya��re Martina��s babies, hea��s our head mushroom grower. Oh yeah, and hea��s helped by over 100 staff, some of which have worked with us for overA�20 years.